Cashbook for Sage ERP ACCPAC

Cashbook for Sage ERP ACCPAC 6.0

You will find the operation of Cashbook for Sage Accpac ERP simple and practical
6.0 (See all)

Feature List
- Web Enabled– Cashbook can be deployed both as a Web-based and desktop application.
- G/L Audit Data- In the Bank Reconciliation entry detail the Audit Data now reflects the GL batch and entry number to which the entry was transferred.
- Clear Reports Printed to Preview– Reports and documents can now be printed to preview to be accepted or cleared not only printer and file.
- Fiscal Year in Batch Import– The Fiscal Year is now added to the Fiscal Period in the Batch Import function.
- Batch List Show Posted and Deleted Batches– The Batch list option to Show Posted and Deleted Batches is the same as in ACCPAC.
- Bank Summary in Functional Currency– Summary of all bank balances can be displayed in Functional Currency.

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